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The performance of an organization is directly related to the quality of relationships developed with its various audiences. Companies need to identify the best channels of communication and the best tactics to reach their target customers and create interest.

Our consulting services will allow you to:

  • Develop and implement marketing strategy and comprehensive communication plan
  • Identify online and offline activities to expand your range
  • Know your customers to contact them more effectively
  • Accompany managers and teams in their marketing and communication to improve the quality of their plans
  • Measure and optimize the performance of your business and maximise the return on investment



  • Learn to develop successful advertising campaigns
  • Learn how to develop and implement a structured marketing action plan (marketing plans, communication plans, promotional plans)
  • Learn how to define and measure your success and track your performance


  • Our specialists compare your business to competitors
  • We present a report with our analysis and recommendations
  • We submit a plan of promotional activities including timelines, budgets and resource requirements
  • We propose an approach based on recognized project management practices


  • Let our experts lead the research, planning and execution of your project
  • Take advantage of our experience and let us determine the best channels to reach your audience (trade shows, direct mail, social media, email, etc.)
  • Get extra support during the planning, initiation and execution of marketing campaigns
  • One on One Coaching for top management

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