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Inspira Consultingwas created to offer you a wide range of trainings in Management, Organizational Behavior, Personal Development, Human Resources, Communication and Marketing.

ou have the choice of conducting the training sessions within you company or the Inspira team will organise the full training event for you. Our focus is to get you the results you need by improving the performance of your organization.

e adjust our approach to the reality of your organisation and the challenges that you are facing to develop targeted action plans. Our training sessions can be delivered in French or English.


  • Customized courses animated based on a personalized program designed based on the needs of the organisation and the teams.
  • Training Catalogue : Developed based on a predetermined program by Inspira Consulting and validated by the company in terms of objectives, teaching methods and content.

Global methodology


Our versatile methodology makes use of several proven methods in the field of management.

We favour an approach that is practical and interactive –based on exercises, role-play, case studies, and group discussions that pool participants’ experiences through real business situations.


Our methodology offers participants the tools they need to sharpen their skills and improve their productivity. The results are guaranteed byproviding practical tools adapted to each business situation. Participants have the opportunity to learn from the rich experience of our seasoned consultants.

Motivating and leading a team can be very challenging. Even the most experienced managers can struggle with certain situations as the needs of the work force are evolving. The manager or one who aspires to become, must learn to manage team performance and relationships between individuals to meet the strategic direction of the company.

Our seminars will equip your managers with the tools necessary for them to become agent of change in your organization

  • Project management
  • Result-oriented management
  • People management and team
  • Leadership
  • Decision making
  • Change Management
  • Become a coach manager for better performance management

The purpose of the training Coaching and Personal Development is to provide an opportunity for employees to develop and use their talents, boost their well-being and realize their professional and personal aspirations. Personal development techniques provided within our courses are designed to help you unleash the creativity, regain the ability to make choices, and harmonize relations with others. Gaining awareness of own talents and using the resources available are key elements of personal development and are present in each of our training modules.

  • Stress Management
  • Management of time
  • Assertiveness and Managing Image
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Public Speaking
  • Understanding Communication for many assert

These interactive seminars are designed to help participants develop comprehension skills of human resources and organizational development. The goal is to use these skills to manage and train employees in the best possible conditions.

These courses allow the managers to boost the performance of the teams and align their objectives to the objectives of the organization.

  • Training the trainers
  • Managing Organizational Change: Driving reorganizations and restructurings
  • Prevention against psychosocial risks
  • Organizational Commitment: How to build the commitment of your team?

These interactive seminars are designed to help participants improve their skills in understanding customer needs. The goal is to use these skills for the organization to ensure an outstanding customer experience by providing a good customer service to establish long lasting relations with their customer base 

  • Receptionists and Telephone support: boosting company’s image
  • Experiential marketing: a customer-oriented approach
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Relationship marketing: For better customer relationship management
  • Digital marketing

And more…

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